Hello World!

My name is Zara Abraham, Welcome to my website!
✨ I have a decade of experience in product design.
✨ I enjoy untangling complex systems and storytelling.
✨ I have been told that I am an excellent personality hire.

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My Work Experience

Senior Product Designer

Mighty networks, Palo Alto, CA

As of 2022 I am at Mighty Networks, designing SaaS based online community tools. I focus on creator revenue and privacy product areas, including monetization, monitoring and A/B testing features. During my time here, I have shipped several features related to user created revenue plans, privacy models and systems. I also lead team meetings and workshops.

VR User Experience Consultant

Well Told Entertainment, santa ana, CA

Since 2022 I have been consulting for Well Told Entertainment, a small independent game studio making games for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Desktop and Mobile platforms. I led their post-launch user feedback strategy for The Foglands, an original hybrid game for PSVR2, PS5 and Meta Quest 2 and 3. Between November 2023 and now, I have gathered and organized user feedback leading to the release of 3 updates that addressed the reported issues and improved user sentiment significantly. I also lead a team to re-design the studio's website and built it myself in Webflow.  

Logo for the company dexcom

User Experience Designer

Dexcom, San Diego, CA

In 2020, I joined the team at Dexcom, making continuous glucose monitors for people with type one diabetes, and my primary focus was on the Dexcom ONE product line. Most notably, I translated all Dexcom ONE requirements to their receiver hardware interface designs and flows, and worked with the engineering team to take the Dexcom ONE app to completion and release. I lead the early design phase for a future product line, designing and collaborating on multi-tier, multi-site user testing and early product systems design. I also evangelized accessibility in design throughout the product organization.

Social Media Manager + Master's Student

University of washington, Seattle, WA

In 2019, I attended the Master's in Human Computer Interaction and Design at the University of Washington, and simultaneously worked as their social media manager. Outside of learning research methods and hands-on design projects, I revamped their Youtube channel, 4x their Instagram subscriber count and published a five part design theory podcast on Spotify.

Product Designer

Stanford school of Medicine, Stanford, CA

My design career started in 2014 when I joined the Stanford School of Medicine's Habit Lab, who was building web apps for health behavior research. During my time there I worked on the user experience, user interfaces and illustrations of two web apps, as well as conducted multi-site user testing and co-design workshops .