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Hi! My name is Zara.

A T-shaped Product Designer, with a flair for storytelling
and 7 years of professional experience designing digital products.

Currently Designing @

Logo for the company dexcom

My Design Strategy

Envisioning a product for market.

Product Strategy | Storytelling | Market Analysis
Coming Soon!

My Design Process

The end-to-end user experience.

Wearable Monitor Design| Product Architecture
The sail app on a dark background
Acute kangaroo baby and mom over an image of an app

Leading a Design Team

Conducting user research & managing stakeholders.

Co-Design Workshops | User Testing Iterations

Launching a Product

Re-designing a product to support behavior change research.

Product Redesign | Design for Behavior Change
Link to the Hathi case study

Directing a Movie

A breakdown of my collaborative process.

Team Leadership | Storyboarding | Animation
looking at the camera